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  • iReading – 逗逗迪迪爱探险

    iReading – 逗逗迪迪爱探险

    发布时间:2016-02-20 类型:图书 版本大小:1.0 | 36.2 MB


  • Time Out London for iPad

    Time Out London for iPad

    发布时间:2016-02-20 类型:生活 版本大小:1.4 | 3.3 MB

    Time Out London will inspire you to do more in your city. Browse a constantly updated, ever-changing mix of the best new events, places an

  • Auto&Fuoristrada, la passione per il 4x4

    Auto&Fuoristrada, la passione per il 4x4

    发布时间:2016-02-20 类型:新闻 版本大小:1.2 | 4.3 MB

    Era il 1982 quando, da una costola di Gente Motori, nasceva Auto & Fuoristrada una rivista innovativa per l’epoca. Il mensile specializzato

  • GW Mail

    GW Mail

    发布时间:2016-01-13 类型:商业 版本大小:4.18 | 3.6 MB

    GW Mail is a GroupWise email client for the iPhone. With this app you get a much better interface than Novell delivers by default through Gr

  • 极品飞车:热血追踪 iPad

    极品飞车:热血追踪 iPad

    发布时间:2016-01-06 类型:赛车 版本大小:1.2.36 | 452.5 MB


  • AK 斗兽棋

    AK 斗兽棋

    发布时间:2016-01-06 类型:策略 版本大小:2.0 | 61.3 MB

    全面支持 iPad !如果你已经购买了 AK,只需要更新一下,然后 sync 到 iPad 上,就能享受在 iPad 的大屏幕上玩斗兽棋的乐趣! 斗兽棋是大家耳熟能详的传统中国棋类游戏。在我们的这款斗兽棋(英文名:Animal Kingdom)里,我们重新设计了棋子的造型,并赋

  • Dr. Panda 动物医院

    Dr. Panda 动物医院

    发布时间:2016-01-06 类型:教学 版本大小:1.6 | 64.3 MB


  • A Princess Tale: An Interactive Book

    A Princess Tale: An Interactive Book

    发布时间:2016-01-06 类型:儿童 版本大小:1.4 | 115.5 MB

    Interact, learn and become a Princess! Are you the fairest maiden in all the land? "Whether your child is the Prince or the Princess, this

  • Publicações


    发布时间:2016-12-27 类型:商业 版本大小:1.2 | 2.8 MB

    Revista Mundo Corporativo Mundo Corporativo, agora no iPad, publica análises detalhadas de temas que pautam o dia a dia da economia brasi

  • Escape - Norm's World XL

    Escape - Norm's World XL

    发布时间:2016-02-15 类型:智力 版本大小:1.0.2 | 2.9 MB

    *Now iPad Enhanced* Plays on all iDevices! iPhone, iPod and iPad enhanced. Download once, play on ALL! **Special iPad version!** Features

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